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Sinobada Polyfusion Welding Machine Co.,Ltd. is specialized in design, R&D, manufacturing of PE pipe and PE pipe fitting of butt fusion welding machine.With years of successful experience,we are dedicated to serving world-wide customers in plastic pipe welding industry with high quality equipment and innovated technology.

Our products are including: SD-M series Manual butt fusion welding machine, SD-H series Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine, SD-FA series Full automatic butt fusion welding machine, SD-AF series Angle fitting welding machine, SD-BS series HDPE pipe Band saw, SD-S series Saddle fusion machine, SD-RBS series Radius band saw, SD-TD series Table drainage welding machine, SD-EF series Electrofusion welding machine, SD-SF series PPR socket welder and SD-DL series data logger. We also manufacture customized welding machine as well as trade welding tool, PE pipe and PE pipe fitting.

Sinobada is located in Wuxi,a beautiful city sitting at northeast shore of Taihu Lake,only one hour by express train away from Shanghai. Welcome to China! Welcome to Sinobada!